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I don’t think it’s necessary to compensate the early buyers with renovation packages whatsoever. Willing buyer, willing seller and it’s a normal strategy to skim the market. Hopefully, the loss from these group of buyers serves as a lesson for the rest of the market.

Just last December, a couple of individuals were ridiculing others who commented about high prices and predicting a 10-20% discount. This is just the start and will create ripple effects on other developments. Gazania and Lilium can no longer claim that they are selling at leasehold prices and park colonial has to react accordingly. Soon Treasure will follow.
Pot calling kettle black? Haha
Hmm, not sure who is talking of treasure or WLR, G and L or park colonial
Some pple can Xia sway to the max already now still want to lecture others.
Double standard? Hmmm....
I love cooling measures

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