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I've seen captain and pokemon during mergui's time and they are way different from mergui. You seem to be saying I think anyone who had conflicts with me is mergui. Not saying you are mergui, but like him, you are against me half the time. Take for example the Terassee and Affinity comparision, felt it was really unnecessary and weird that you were attacking me for suggesting terassee when other "bros" or yourself had also recommended certain resales in place of some new launches too.

And yes, my views are correct most of the time for now, you got to accept that. Time will tell.
Seriously I don’t recall using provocative words or toxic remarks attacking u when debating betw affinity and terrasse. More of substantiating it with facts based on terrasse sales listing and total unit sold in 2019. I don’t make up stories.
Even you also admit terrasse though near mrt, it’s a ulu place to begin with. So which part I was wrong?

If I behave rudely or using toxic remarks against u or dragging in your parents into debate, I would have garner hatred by many bros here.
I love cooling measures
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