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If I say Terrassee beside MRT is ulu, what is Affinity? Hahaa..
I always felt u miss out something important in your analysis.
U failed to understand the psychological aspect of buyers and analyse on case by case basis.
Let me quote u an example,

Watertown and Parc Centros are just one road across. Watertown psf is 13xx to 14xx. Parc Centros transact price is 11xx psf. Does it makes sense to pay 200-300psf more for Watertown which is just one road across? But the fact remains Watertown see over 19 sales transaction in 2019 and Parc Centros only see 7 transaction. Both are around the same age condo. Both have Mall and mrt at doorstep.
Can u explain to me why buyers don’t mind paying that extra 200-300psf though they r so near each other?

What is affinity? Plain simple, it’s brand new with more facilities than terrasse. Btw, affinity also walkable to future mrt anyway.
I love cooling measures

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