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I always felt u miss out something important in your analysis.
U failed to understand the psychological aspect of buyers and analyse on case by case basis.
Let me quote u an example,

Watertown and Parc Centros are just one road across. Watertown psf is 13xx to 14xx. Parc Centros transact price is 11xx psf. Does it makes sense to pay 200-300psf more for Watertown which is just one road across? But the fact remains Watertown see over 19 sales transaction in 2019 and Parc Centros only see 7 transaction. Both are around the same age condo. Both have Mall and mrt at doorstep.
Can u explain to me why buyers donít mind paying that extra 200-300psf though they r so near each other?

What is affinity? Plain simple, itís brand new with more facilities than terrasse. Btw, affinity also walkable to future mrt anyway.
Property anaylsis is definitely not as simple as any of us have described. Neither of us are professionals.

However for your example above, Watertown definitely has the edge since is connected directly to mrt and an integrated development. Parc Centros will be affected by rain, thatís what explains the difference. Affinity and terrasee do not have these differences and Affinity only wins by age and a couple more trivial facilities. I guess itís all about marketing and publicity. As a layman last year, I have never heard of Terrassee and Parc Centros, but i know what is Watertown and Affnity. That is the difference.
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