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My NOK & workplace have been harassed by the 1st LS which was quite traumatizing & Iíve made a report to the police for that..but the 2nd one I didnít include with my 1st report bcoz I thought I can negotiate..should have made a report & get it over & done with frm the start..
Stop paying them, block them and inform your workplace that they might call again. Dont have to tell your workplace its a different LS. Just tell them same LS but they are starting to call you guys again. Make a police report again and come clean. This is to safe guard yourself. You dont know who you are transferring the $$ to, he/she might be a victim and if they make a report and your account num is reflected, police can charge you as an accomplice. Better be safe than sorry.

Stay strong ya. We all understand how traumatizing things can be but this idiots feed on our fear. So be brave, be strong and be safe. Things will get better eventually just gotta endure a little bit more.
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