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Then there is Normanton coming (dunno when as I think they are likely to appeal), no Mrt or amenities nearby, well known developer Kingsford, expected to launch above 1750 psf!!!

Wonder if such projects will drive more buyers to Treasure, as well as Whistler and Riverfront...
I leave Normanton out of the picture after the no-sell till TOP punishment is imposed on Kingsford. Two scenario might happened
1) if appeal unsuccessful, can they still sell 1750psf once completed? Time is not on Kingsford side. It has to be lower, if buyers are lucky, much much lower.
2) even if appeal successful, there will have not much impact on treasure, whistler and riverfront as I felt Normanton is of different league and is very different in location compared to the 3. The 3 belongs more to heartland. I will pitch Normanton location close to interlace’s league. Both also not near mrt and amenities but surrounding feel is very different.

Why I Guess sumang walk EC May help the 3 to sell as its never in the past that EC price is selling so close to condo price. But that’s provided if sumang sells betw 1150 to 1200psf.
Ask yourself, for a difference of 150psf, would u choose sumang EC and bind by mop ruling or u rather choose the 3, whistler, riverfront, treasure? Bear in mind, sumang walk is not really near to Mall/mrt though walkable.
I love cooling measures

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