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For your usage, I don't think you'll need A12 at the moment.

The A10X is still a very powerful processor which can accomplished most of the task you have listed. Unless you are a video editor it will be good to go for the A12X.

The 120Hz ProMotion display makes a difference in using the pencil as it will give you more accuracy and also much lower latency.

Quad-speakers are also much louder and more punchy in the bass which will be much better for games and movies.

You can still get a almost new or refurbished iPad Pro 10.5" at around SG$500 which is of superb value.

But take not that with the upcoming iOS 13, new features might only be limited to new hardware although you can expect performance improvement across all supported devices in terms of performance.

With all things said, if you have the budget, always go for the latest product available.
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