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hey guys

can point me in the right direction for my case?

- HDMI output (dont need 4k)
- not interested in streaming apps or gaming
- only for movie or tv episode files (1080p or 2160p)
- either onboard or external storage (USB hdd?)
- some form of remote controller option (usb wireless remote?)

I experimented with LocalCast and chromecast (streaming the file directly from folder in g drive to the chromecast). Results werent good.

also read that nvidia's shield is a good choice for this. but i'm wondering if it's overkill?

Why don't need 4k yet want to play 2160p file? Isn't 4k the same as 2160p?

Chromecast should be good enough. Are you sure you are using it with the correct method ? I suspect that you are using mirrorring, not chromecasting.

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