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Why don't need 4k yet want to play 2160p file? Isn't 4k the same as 2160p?

Chromecast should be good enough. Are you sure you are using it with the correct method ? I suspect that you are using mirrorring, not chromecasting.
the TV is only 1080p, but movies sometimes come in higher res.
if the player can handle higher res, then don't need to purposely look for 1080p versions to put in this box.

i THINK i was doing it as correctly as i could have. definitely not mirroring.
it worked for some files.

movie in gdrive folder > install LocalCast on phone > access gdrive folder from LocalCast > send to chromcast

It's nice when it worked:
- convenience of streaming,
- fine control over what is in the folder

Would have been ideal. I can easily and remotely "pass" movies / episodes to my parents who are not so savvy with devices / computers.

But even when files worked, sometimes LocalCast would stop indicating that the file is playing.

On another set of videos, the file wouldn't play at all. Not sure if it was codec or because it was multi-audio. I also tried AllCast. Can't remember how it wasn't great.

Since i need to give remote tech support, i think i need something idiotproof.
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