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As a 41yo, self-employed lower-income risk-averse individual who has maxed out BHS and reached FRS in SA, would it be adequate (interpret as you will) to just shovel cash into CPF and SG bonds and go back to watching earwax removal videos and looking at all the horses one can get for $1000 in the U.S. or should I bestir myself and learn about ETFs and stuff?
The horses part doesn’t seem to be “risk-averse.”

The conventional “rule of thumb” is that you’d have either 80% of your long-term investments in stocks (low cost, well diversified index funds) until 7 to 10 years before retirement (when you’d start a gradual adjustment), or “110 minus your age,” which would be 69%. Risk aversion could be something like 50% or 40% in stocks/stock-likes, so how about that?
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