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Hi anyone know how to flash h96 max x2? I understand need image file.. I have not try flashing... anyone done it b4 can guide me in case i failed...
Why do you want to flash new FW? Usually you use OTA if OTA is available. If not just stick to the stock FW for this type of generic boxes.

Unless you are saying the box somehow has broken FW and you need to recover. Or are you trying to use some 3rd party ROM?

The issue with H96 Series generic box is that you may have different HW revisions and the FW may not be compatible between the different revisions even it is from the same manufacturer. In fact it may be from different manufacturers.

The flashing itself may not be difficult. The issue is you need to find the correct stock FW once you failed.

Read the warnings in the following site before proceeding.

For my generic boxes, to be honest, the only time I needed to flash the FW was for the first box and it is because I made a mistake to install SuperSU for the X96 Mini. After that I only do OTA for this box.

For my H96 Pro+ Amlogic S912 box there was no new FW available either from OTA or from various website. Same for the R69 RK3229 box. The stock Android 7.1 FW works well for both boxes anyway.

For my H96 Max+, there are no OTA but there are many newer FW around the web, I chose not to update since the stock Android 7.1 FW works well.

For my Tanix TX6 Android 9 box, there are frequent OTA to sort out various issues and I follow the OTA.

For my Tanix TX5 Max Android 8.1 box, so far no OTA but it works well so I do not bother with one update floating around the web.

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