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Yep, I completed steps 1 to 3 using my Singapore passport, I can see my Alipay wallet, but I cant topup as I dont have China bank card, so I use daifu service and ask someone to send me RMB to my Alipay a/c

Yes I know there are 3rd party services which seem to still work -- like in your case you are still be able to top up your Alipay wallet with 3rd parry services. Same for WeChat Pay.

I do not know how they do it to bypass the system. Maybe they have real/fake bank cards or real/fake Chinese ID cards temporarily linked to your account to fool the system.

Have you tried different 3rd party services? Supposedly if they link to a mainland China bank card, the name got logged in the system and could not be changed again. So the second 3rd party service may not work if the system detected a different name.
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