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i would like to check am i able to connect 2 VR Set to 1x PS4? I just ordered mine from Korea (due to the price dirt cheap), able to convert to English or any setting i can make it to English? Set have not reach me yet, will reach me only next week
- No, 1 PSVR connected to 1 PS4.

- [Settings] > [Language] > [System Language]
Change to whatever you want. Some Asia version games have multiple languages, and if you want Chinese (in the game), you have to set the system language to Chinese (cos the game has no language option, it just automatically switch to what is set up in your PS4).

Čeština Czech
Dansk Danish
Deutsch German
English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
English (United States) English (United States)
Español (América Latina) Spanish (Latin America)
Español (España) Spanish (Spain)
Français (Canada) French (Canada)
Français (France) French (France)
Indonesia Indonesian
Italiano Italian
Magyar Hungarian
Nederlands Dutch
Norsk Norwegian
Polski Polish
Português (Brasil) Portuguese (Brazil)
Português (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal)
Русский Russian
Română Romanian
Suomi Finnish
Svenska Swedish
Tiếng Việt Vietnamese
Türkçe Turkish
العربية Arabic
Ελληνικά Greek
日本語 Japanese
한국어 Korean
ไทย Thai
简体中文 Simplified Chinese characters
繁體中文 Traditional Chinese characters
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