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I tried subscribing to 酷喵 VIP but upgrading from youku VIP but it keep.asking for a China bank card. I tried to use a friend webchat China account to pay but it also wouldn't allow me me to do that.

Can you advise how you did it?
My WeChat wallet still got RMB 2500 so I can pay for the VIP myself under Android phone. But I have not upgraded to 酷喵影视VIP myself.

You have Youku VIP already and want to upgrade? How did you pay for Youku VIP previously?

I think this may be problematic.

Try the website to see if that works or not.

Right now under my Android phone, I do not see option to just pay for the upgrade, rather you have to pay for 酷喵影视 VIP in full.

Now there is a promotion to pay for quarterly VIP at RMB70 and Yearly VIP at RMB239.

One possible solution.
Say you have installed 酷喵影视VIP on the TV box, get your friend to scan the QR code using his/her WeChat QR code scan function. Then pay for the VIP from his/her mobile phone. The only thing is that now the VIP is linked to your friend’s WeChat account.

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