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Only issue seems to be the SD slot doesn't work so I need to go to File Manager and copy from USB to Local before being able to run. Is there a way to remove Play Store nd Chrome icons from Home Screen? I can only add three of my own apps to home screen and they would be used more.....also better not to confuse family.
Micro SD card should work even though usually I use a USB drive. You may try to format the uSD card in FAT32 format to see if that helps.

Install ES File Explorer and that is a better file manager than the built-in one. You have to side load it now that Google has removed it from the Play Store. You can click an apk file in either the built-in file manager or ES File Explorer to install, no need to copy to the box.

As for Alice UX, I am not a fan but you can add multiple apps to the home screen, just that you need to scroll through the icons using the remote or air mouse. You can also add a few apps in the setting section as well.

BTW, the left of the screen will also show the recently used apps.

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