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Would star-gazing be something that can be done along the spots? e.g. can also do at Twizel/Te Anau?

But if Helihike can be done on Day 1, then it would make an additional night stay at Fox Glacier/Franz Josef Glacier redundant...what else could I do there besides Lake Matheson Walk?
Nov is not the time for stargazing.. few issue, it is raining season so night is either foggy or cloudy.

2nd due to longer day light, night sky will be limited and also milkyway is brightest core is not in nov.

So if you mainly want to stargaze to look for milkyway or southern light then forget about would be the best show in the night sky.

So I will recommend to plan your activities as usual and have the night sky as bonus only.

instead since in nov you should aim for Lupins at Lake Tekapo. Dont know what is that just google "Lake tekapo Lupins"
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