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Nov is not the time for stargazing.. few issue, it is raining season so night is either foggy or cloudy.

2nd due to longer day light, night sky will be limited and also milkyway is brightest core is not in nov.

So if you mainly want to stargaze to look for milkyway or southern light then forget about would be the best show in the night sky.

So I will recommend to plan your activities as usual and have the night sky as bonus only.

instead since in nov you should aim for Lupins at Lake Tekapo. Dont know what is that just google "Lake tekapo Lupins"
ok point taken..

Day 1: Tekapo (4 Nov, Mon)
Reach Christchurch airport at 1.30pm, collect rental car and drive to Tekapo
Visit COGShepherd
Star-gazing at lake tekapo
Stay in Tekapo

This one ok...

Day 2: Mt Cook (5 Nov, Tues)
Drive to Lake Pukaki
Pack lunch at High Country Salmon
Hike Hooker Valley track
Hike Sealy Tarns track
Stay in Twizel

You sure high country salmon got lunch to buy????
You are at mountain cook village, why not stay there instead? Also it is super tight for the schedule unless u super fit can just aim to hike fast and move on and not sight seeing.

HVT is the primary...the rest of the hikes will be optional...hence that explains why the stay in Twizel...also partly because
of accomodation costs...

Day 3: Dunedin (6 Nov, Wed)
Elephant Rocks
Moeraki Beach Boulders
Steepest Road
Stay at Dunedin

You known Dunedin is not just a play to stay right? There are wild life tour you can join and also things to do in Dunedin.

noted...perhaps I should factor 2 days in Dunedin...

Day 4: Te Anau (7 Nov, Thurs)
Nugget Point Lighthouse
Drive to Te Anau
Visit Lake Mistletoe, Eglinton Valley, Mirror Lake, Knobs Flat, Lake Gunn
Stay at Te Anau

Err your route like not right.. u making 1 big turn... also mirror lake all these are all on the way to Milford sound lei.. why u go down and then come back up?

based on my limited knowledge, seems like Te Anau Downs and MS don't have any accomodations? scanned thru Google maps not much choices also...Seems like Te Anau has more accomodations..

Day 5: Fiordlands NPark (8 Nov, Fri)
Pop's View Lookout
Lake Marian Hike (3 hours)
Key Summit Trail at The Divide
Stay at Te Anau

since you at Te Anau, night time go for glow worm tour.

I've been to a few glow worm tours In Aussie already...all seem rather underwhelming...would NZ be any much different?

Day 6: Milford Sound (9 Nov, Sat)
Milford Sound Cruise
The Chasm
Gertrude Valley Lookout
Drive to Queenstown
Dinner @ Fergburger
Stay at Queenstown

Milford Sound cruise if you can get it at super early in the morning else it will be an afternoon tour.. so not sure if u can make it in time, after finish the cruise and drive to queenstown.

Day 7: Queenstown (10 Nov, Sun)
Bob's Cove
Skyline Gondola & Luge Rides (buy thru Klook)
Dinner @ Fergburger
Stay at Queenstown

Since u r at queenstown why not go to glenorchy??

ok point taken...

Day 8: Wanaka (11 Nov, Mon)
Drive to Wanaka
Wanaka Tree
Roy's Peak
Stay at Wanaka

Plazza world is famous in wanaka

do u mean puzzling world in wanaka? can't find plazza world on google

Day 9: Franz Josef (12 Nov, Tues)
Drive to Lake Matheson
Lake Matheson Walk
Drive to Franz Josef
Stay at Franz Josef

Day 10: Franz Josef (13 Nov, Wed)
Franz Josef Heli Hike
Drive to Hotitaka
Sunset Point at Hotitaka
Stay at Hotitaka

Day 11: Hotitaka/Arthurs Pass (14 Nov, Thurs)
Hotitaka Gorge
Otira Viaduct Lookout
Devils Punchbowl
Stay at Christchurch

Day 12 & 13: Christchurch (15&16 Nov, Fri&Sat)

just stay 1 night at christchurch and next time flight back home will do....
there are some hiking trails in the area. maybe do a hike to fox glacier?

actually, u may not have that much time to do a lot of things in FJG/Fox.

my plan was similar to urs, wanaka to lake matheson, then FJG. heli hike at FJG. but i stayed 2 nights in case of bad weather.
ended up, wanaka to lake matheson took longer than planned, coz we stopped at many places along the way for sightseeing. so went straight to FJG instead. heli hike took longer than expected also, ended pass lunchtime. so by the time we are done with heli hike and lunch, was already 2-3pm. went lake matheson coz the previous day didnt cover, and that was abt it for the 2 nights in FJG.
ok will take note of that...thanks!
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