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I agree. Although you have listed out many of the attractions, it will definitely be very tiring just driving from one place to another and its gonna drain your energy to fully be able to enjoy your experience much.

And also to note that couple of tracks take at least 2-3 hours to complete for a return trek. Roy's peak at least 5hours.
It is not ideal to have so many activities in just one day as it will be hard to complete or you will only be rushing,which again affects your experience. Perhaps certain places you can stay for 2 nights instead of 1

I think you might be underestimating the drive times between locations. Leave you little time for sightseeing and that's not the best way to enjoy NZ.
At FJ or Fox Glacier, many people do the walk to see the terminal face of the glacier, although it's not that spectacular, the walk itself is probably more compelling than the walk around Lake Matheson, which although nice, is kinda like a walk at MacRitchie but with different vegetation.
If you plan to do multiple hikes along the Milford Area, consider staying a night at Milford Sound itself instead of Te Anau. The lodges there are limited and more expensive but allows you to spend more time hiking.
Christchurch - nothing much to see there, suggest you plan to arrive late afternoon day before departure.

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