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Can't use IOs to pay for youtv because its installed on the android box.
You should be able to do that.

Youku account is linked, no matter it is on the PC, Android phone, Android TV box or iOS device.

How do you registered for Youku? I assume you register with your Singapore mobile number.

On your iPhone Youku, TOP left corner there is a QR code scan function, use that to scan the QR code on the Android TV box (酷喵影视app). Then you should be able to log in.

Sometimes you may need to log in using your Singapore mobile number and one time SMS as well.

If you have existing Youku VIP it will show the status on the 酷喵影视 app as well.

Then pay using iOS in-app purchase for 酷喵影视VIP on your iPhone. You should be able to see the VIP status on the Android TV box.

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