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Yes I only came to know this after I installed SuperSU and got the boot loop issue. This seemed to be a common issue. X96 Mini was my first box, bought last August. I was playing with some maker boards before that.

Then I quickly recovered the X96 Mini box with the stock firmware and then never bothered to look at this issue again.

I only tried out to install SuperSU and Magisk recently again on my Tanix TX5 Max and TX6 (after downloading of stock firmware and prepared to flash firmware), both failed to achieve what I wanted to achieve. No brick of the boxes though.

SuperSU came out with the warning about the existing binary and not able to hide root from SingTel Cast and SingTel TV Go.

Magisk is a bit different but the end results are the same I am not able to hide root from the two SingTel apps. I also do not like the fact that it messed with the bootloader.

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