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Methods using SuperSU and Manual Method.

The above is for reference only, only for those who know how to recover and have access to known good firmware.

Another one with terminal. Basic concept is the same.

Edit to add:
All in all, it is better to buy a proper non-rooted box like Mi Box S and Nvidia Shield TV.

Many generic boxes come with root, it is better to buy those with a system switch to be able to turn on/off root, or a box with proper root manager app installed to prompt you to grant or not to grant root access.

The above links to unroot a box is for reference only. I think this belongs to more advanced topic and do not try it before you know how to recover.

And personally I have not succeeded to unroot my boxes myself -- you can say I am not an advanced user myself. Haha.

As mentioned my initial goals were the following.
1) to run small Linux on Android using Termux, goal achieved

2) to run ARM Linux without Android (dual boot, using SD card), goal achieved for two boxes, X96 Mini S905W box and H96 Pro+ S912 box

3) to play with Android TV boxes for Chinese Entertainment (goal achieved),

4) to learn more about Android itself (partially achieved).

First goal required root access for generic USB device access using libusb.

Second goal is also easier with rooted box.

Third goal does not really need root.

For the fourth goal, it is good to have a rooted box to know the internal file structures.

Therefore my boxes are mostly rooted now. I will try again to see if I can unroot the few boxes I have known good ROMs -- X96 Mini, Tanix TX5 Max and Tanix TX6. I will try to get known good ROM for my H96 Pro+ and H96 Max+. I have ROMs for the two but there are quite some versions so I am not so sure which one to try.

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