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BTW, you can try Magisk Manager, someone has managed to hide the root with Magisk for his H96 Max X2 box.

I can not install it on X96 Mini running Android 7.1.

I can install it on Tanix TX5 Max running Android 8.1 but it can not hide root from SingTel TV Go and SingTel Cast.

Tanix TX6 Android 9.0 Version seems to have a protection method so that Magisk can not be installed even though it says the installation is successful and after reboot it says Magisk is not installed.
I have installed magisk on x max 2... but unable to hide root and unable to pass the safetynet.... I thinking to install supersu like what Choo mentioned but then again i saw on web that ppl install supersu and bricked the box.... Fan, do u want to try on ur x96 mini again and update us? hahaha.... maybe this time u can unroot... so far i cant find any way to unroot...
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