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I had already clarified my position, that my advice is not for the dai low like pwillie and gaoxing84 and you perhaps, who obviously have a lot of money to burn on worthless buys.

My advice is for those average man in the street watch noobs who come in here asking whether they should buy a $6k Tudor as it's quite substantial sum for them, you see. And the dai lows are giving them watch advice from a millionaire's point of view while these impressionable noobs are eagerly lapping it up. That is highly irresponsible of these dai lows.

These noobs who can't make up their minds over a $6k watch are the people who need to worry about the value of their watch purchases. They don't seem like the type who would be able to tank a job loss or job switch to Grab driving. Their $6k purchase could quickly become $2k or $1k when it's time to dump. Just like what pre-owned Tudor prices were the past decade until Rolex decided to pump new RRPs up a notch.

Oh, that is assuming the pre-owned dealers are willing to take in Tudor at that point in time.
Sadly i am one of those average man in the steet watch noob who came in looking for an answer. After asking many questions and getting ridiculed, i purchased a tudor 3 years ago which is still serving me well. Dont think its waste of money. Wasted more $ buying other stuff instead.

Until now, still cant afford a rolex. Maybe save for another 10 years to get a datejust. By that time everyone here already uncles.
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