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Sure. Can intro me?

In life there are winners and losers lah.

Having been a loser before holding all these worthless watches from fugged up brands, I don't want to repeat my mistake.

You can go bring all the newbies here to horlan ba. At the same time, you can console them "dont sell, no lose!" "Watch collection is a hobby, not investment!"

You all can sit together staring at your fools gold equivalent of watches bought for passion and w@nk each other off and cum ba.
Wah sure boh, you say yourself until such a loser by holding so many watches from fugged brands. I only hold one fugged up tissot in the past. Spoilt within months. After that i decided to look for better brands for better quality and quite surprisingly i think tudor quality is good enough. Ofcos tudor much more expensive than my spoilt tissot and other brands i have like aries gold, citizen and casio g shock. But i think by paying much more we are also getting better quality stuff. Although admit that price and quality not proportional. Have to pay a lot more to get a decent quality. I mean its like you cant expect to pay a few hundred dollars to expect a good quality great finishing mechanical watch like tudor right?

I have been a loser buying other stuff in life but have learnt my mistakes as well. Now i try to save $ and only buy stuff that i really like.
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