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It's fun lor. No one really needs it one la, just like no one needs automatic watch.

Android 9 seems to have problem with auto sync but Casio knows, so hopefully fix will come soon.

Anyways this piece cheap, just buy for fun. After all same module as the full metal G shock but much lower entry price. If lose job it is good for venting anger cos can never sell one. Can throw from top of building many times.

Anyways, I guess Bluetooth is a bit more practical than GPS or multiband,when it comes to time sync. When go overseas, the first thing most of us do is to insert local SIM prebought or data roam, you can cheap thrill and sync on the spot.

Multiband and GPS need you to find good spot to sync, so doesn't really work haha. That's why I sold my MTG.
Hahaha. Buy this, play abit of mods can be the similar to the "real deal" and also have the BT function.

Thanks so much for the input. Maybe next month pull the trigger!

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