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I saw some Singapore merchant able to receive Alipay payment. How does this work? Would the local merchant being paid in Singapore by Alipay user have credits in their Alipay account to be able to use it normally in China?
I believe that is different. That is B2B (business to business) arrangement between Alipay and the local merchants. The local merchant will receive payment from Alipay in SGD or USD.

Alipay and WeChat Pay are meant for Chinese Citizens and foreigners living in China. They build up business relationship with foreign merchants to expand the usage of Alipay and WeChat Pay for the Chinese Citizens who go overseas for business or for leasure (tourists).

Alipay (and Alipay) also increasingly invested in foreign payment companies to gain a foothold. Wechat Pay (Tencent) is lagging behind in this case.


Quote from the above article.
Alipay's rapid product and market expansion efforts have been proving successful so far: Chinese tourists paid for 32% of transactions overseas with their phones in 2018, overtaking cash for the first time overseas, which can likely be attributed to the widening availability of mobile payments in popular tourist destinations.

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