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If you are using digital tuner of the tv, you need antenna.

But, if you are not using digital tuner, and use the tv with the android box, you don't need antenna. With the right apps, android box can give you all local channels, malaysia channel, indo channels, usa channels and many others.


sorry to bring up an old post as I am just reading through this thread...

I have a smart TV and it comes preloaded with Netflix, Youtube and other apps, which runs really smooth w/o lag.

The problem is that I am using external antenna, which has inconsistent reception.

I am considering a simple android box if apps can be installed to allow me to watch the free channels from i can get rid of the antenna...which is unsightly anyway. Can you advise the apps to install or any guide available online?

Since I dont need Netflix I am considering a simple box like this one.
going for S905x2 box as recommended by others here.

appreciate your advice. thank you.
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