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Just saw the pricing for Snoopy. Crazy prices for the black or white.

For me, Probably it will be down to the calibre 321 (new) once it's released, or Speedy 38mm

As for Moonwatch... Far too many variations...

Flying out next week, probably will take this chance and check out the Omega store at T2 transit

Also asking my sister in law to help me to check out pre-owned Speedy in Tokyo too.

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Moonwatch but really if u look deeper the difference really movement, type of crystal or winding guard present or display back or not.

Current moon watch pro has a different model number from 3573.50 iirc no diff just omega choose to rename it.

If u want to go plexi glass, steel back close to original moon watch your choice narrow down quickly.

Speedy 321 on 50th anniversary will not be 38mm and cost wouldn’t be cheap.
Speedy 38mm what’s new is reduced, reduced version command poor resale but u not selling. Speedy vintage on 321 not cheap

Read about 321 vs 861 and the newer 1863

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