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Any updates regarding slow speeds on this router? I converted from starhub cable to fibre and was issued this router. New 1gb plan came into activation yesterday.

Tested the wifi speeds and its really bad. Standing right in front of the router, on my smartphone Oneplus 5t, i am getting around 500mbps on 5ghz wifi. My PC is in my bed room which is around 7-8 meters away from the router in the living room. No direct line of sight with concrete wall in between. I am using a tplink ac1900 usb wifi adapter and i am only getting around 270mbps max on 5ghz wifi. Connection has been stable but I dont believe the speeds should be this low even with the distance and concrete wall?

Sidenote, terrible service rendered by the starhub technicians who came to do the installation. They installed the fibre tv box and broadband ont/router but ran off even before i could do any testing. Would had gotten them to do checks on the slow wifi speed if i had a chance to run a speed test in front of them.
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