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Hi everyone. Everyday for the last 1 week i have been reading up this forum and it actually calm me down a bit.I'm also a victim of this scam.

Ask for loan from LS no. 1. Even got his number from online googling. As usual he say need to do trail to put my name in system. 700 and return 1k. So that happen within 2 days i return the amount and when ask for the amount to loan, he give all sort of excuses that his office cannot allow me to borrow more as i got bad debt. So he suggest the same tactics. 1k for 1 week return 1.4k. I told him i need the full amount urgently. No point giving me small2 amount. He only ask me 3 times if want to continue. I just keep on rejecting. Then no sound no picture.

But now, LS no. 2. After a day finish laising with LS no. 1. I recieved a whatsapp saying that 400 is transferred to my account wrongly. So now need to just return the money. I text back and ask who are you and how you get my number? He just gave a fake name and then screenshot me the transfer. I was shock to see my bank acct number but with of coz not my name on it. I ask again where you get my number and account. He kept quiet and block me afterwards.

Last Saturday i received another set of msgs. So i ask again which company you from and what is your registration number? He insists i need to just trf back the money. I ask for the second time and he gave me some ******** company name and a legit registration number. So i check on the MOL website for the list of LML and got the address for the legit one. I told him i come down your ofc now to pass back the 400. From there on he strt haressing me to why need to come down just trf back can already. I just kept quiet the whole time coz i know it's already a scam.

2 days later, he ask me in caps, "SO NOW YOU TELL ME YOU WANT TO PAY OR NOT?" Kept calling me a lot of times, i never pick up. Using sooo many numbers to call me. I still never pick up. Lastly when he about to give up, he threatens that now i dun wanna pay right he know what to do. He send me all those video of splashing and fire burning of door lah. Tell me if my family got problem remember it's him. By that time i was already on the spf website logging in my reports. I-witness and police report. Kiasu mah.

Tbh, i was actually quite scard but i got to remember to stay calm coz we are not supposed to give in to these f***ers. The IO just called yesterday to fixed an appointment with me today. I haven't block anyone on my phone yet. So far it has been a peaceful 2 days except for unknown numbers calling which i never pick up also.

My only concern right now i have yet to inform my NOK and workplace about it. Maybe i should ask my NOKs change their number. You guys know how long it will take?

And i also have yet to close my account. I think which i will do before the appt with IO.

I'm not scard they spam the address that was given, because i just change it on Saturday. But i pity the owner of the house now. I think i will inform them via letter.

Just another question. I have only given my company's name but the phone number is my hp number. Will they still call the number that i have given or they will find where my company aka google and kacau from there? This part i stress coz i jist change job and the address on google is just the main office as i am on site all the time.

Anyway thank you for all the encouragement that was given in this forum. It actually helps me to calm the f*** down for a bit. But of coz we need to keep reminding ourselves on our own.
It's not predictable what they will do, they will attempt to harass to get you to give them $. Ignore them and break contact, once they find they can't get anything out of you, they give up soon enough. Everytime they harass, file more reports. If you read enough of the history of this thread you get the idea what to do.
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