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If the investment proposition of paying the absd makes sense, by all means proceed to buy for investment. However, for those who are able to find better investment tools, with better returns, then they will turn down this proposition.

Like someone said here, there is no Ďone size fits allí.

Just sorry only for those who do not know what they are doing or are just very rich and donít mind losing money. If thatís the case, it is better to do charity and benefit the society.
Bro, U sure they dunno what they are doing? Perhaps they see something that we canít see? Who gives us the wisdom to determine who is smart and who is silly?

Donít need feel sorry for anyone, we are all adults, we make our judgement call and responsible for it.

Hmm, was wondering whereís the correction? I was confused by the article headlines. Did the hongkie sees something we donít see?

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