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Bro, don’t get me wrong. We both share the same sentiments of the current property market. It just baffled me why foreign investors see now as price correction.
Did they see something we can’t see? Or is the article telling half truth?
Also not forgetting they are paying a heftier ABSD than us.
If my memory serves me well, these foreign investors are usually quite spot on in timing the market.

Just confused with the current market sentiments and thus, just thinking out loud who are the smart ones and who are the silly ones.
No problem.

One explanation is that it is always a comparison ( like which stock to buy and time horizon).
These foreigners may see that even with absd, our property is a ‘BUY’ call compared to those in some countries. Whether all stock, counters and property on ‘BUY’ call are good buys? Also, what is the holding period before they realise profit? These are perhaps what we need these Analysts to explain their actions.

Again, like stock, there were rumours many funds were pulling out of stock as they foresee a fall in the market. Given how huge some of these funds are, they can indeed move the market or even create a ‘false’ signal.

Some even tried to predict the property market based on the stock market performance.
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