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Hi xiaofan- after adding your Singapore credit card, do you have a remake saying “card not supported for payment “?
I do not have such remark since I did it in 2017 and my account is still fully functional. They are tightening the control so one by one this loopholes will be plugged.

It is correct that it is not useful for general payment or red envelope. It is only useful for the partners listed inside WeChat like DiDi.

The second is for users who don't have mainland bank cards. By binding Visa, Mastercard or JCB credit card through regular card-binding methods, users who don't have mainland bank cards can use WeChat Pay in WeChat Wallet's merchants and cooperative brands in e-commerce, O2O, travel, trip, including JDcom, Ctrip, Qunar, Didi, Air China, China Railway Corporation (12306).

Currently, the second type of WeChat Pay only supports consumption, and cannot be used for general transfer and sending red envelopes.

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