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All in all, for new sign-up of WeChat Wallet account, it is kind of useless now even if you add a Singapore credit card to verify your identity, the Singapore card is not valid as a payment method, you are not able to top up the ballance either (previous loophole of using QR code to receive money was plugged iin 2019).

I have three wechat wallet account, all linked to the same Singapore credit card (OCBC Master card), only my main account which was created in 2013 (credit card info added in 2017) is fully functional now and I have RMB2500 inside. Two created in 2018 are kind of useless (was able to top up using QR code, tested and top up RMB100 and RMB10 respectively, but no longer working now), one left RMB65 and one left RMB5 so I just keep them that way.

And I have also created an Alipay account linked to a China SIM card as an experiment, I used QR code to receive RMB10 from my relative and now the money is floating in the air -- out of his account but pending in my account -- because my account can not be verified without a China bank card. Anyway, that is just an S$2 experiment.

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