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Maybe you like to read from the beginning of this thread?

So many people already gave warnings.
He would not be bothered to read as whatever he just said got disproved as someone already warned about Hyflux before they issued the perps which is a public available information using the financial statement of Hyflux...Now their trick is to play the "accountability" card but deep inside the objective have and will always be 100% recovery plus all accumulated interest...

You honestly think they set up a legal chat group lis for accountability or 100% recovery plus all accumulated interest...If they wanted accountability, there will be no mention of any recovery...The objective is 100% recovery plus all accumulated interest be it in the form of "bailout", "moral obligation", "Pioneer Generation, retirees investing their whole life savings in Hyflux", "National Service to secure Singapore water supply", "Hyflux is a blue chip", "Temasek invested in Hyflux and did their due diligence" and the newest one, "Accountability"...Ask them honestly are they willing to incur more cost to get "accountability" and that they get back zero dollars and could not recover a single cent from it if they are agreeable...
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