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for a recent newbie on Pixel 3, what are the current issues? not encountered any yet..

but a few observations from a multi generation iOS (still hold iphone 7 and Xr) switch over
1) audio on bluetooth headset sounds better on iOS (bose, westone bluetooth cable) when connected to Pixel 3 already show AAC (for bose) and aptX (for westone). Maybe placebo..cos been listening to iOS for so long. but they do sound different on the pixel 3.

2) the usb-c to audio adaptor is crap! ok maybe not... but the audio output from the adaptor is bad! so it can be anything along the audio chain degrading the audio

3) build quality is still a few notches from apple. when playing music at >50% volume, the glass back resonates/vibrates quite a bit. and the glass front and back meet the meta frame is still not seamlessly gapless.

All observation on Q beta 3.

so any good?
1) I actually prefer the screen on P3 (on natural setting) than iphone Xr. Although i read that not a single android app (even native google apps) support the wide gamut P3 screen (all just standard sRGB colors). wide gamut already support since oreo...but.. seems like neither google nor developers pushing for it.
2) camera is a joy to use and pics pop. But i miss the square mode on iOS
3) perfect size and weight distribution (i need to get a spigen thin fit soon, the google pixel fabric casing which came free is quite bulky)
How is your battery life on the smaller pixel 3?

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