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I blame it all on the "Stimulus money", aka "money printing". There is just too much liquidity floating around. Basically what that means is that they are robbing us of our savings, by de-valuing what we can buy with each dollar.

And all that money has to go somewhere. Especially for those foreigners with huge reserves of cash. So how? Put in the bank as FD, but with current interest rates, will likely lose to inflation. Put in stocks and bonds if understand it. But most people understand property better than stocks and shares. And property is tangible, can touch and see, can stay in.

And since a lot of countries have closed their doors, like foreign buyers cannot buy existing housing in NZ and Australia, and Canada also raising their foreign buyer taxes, and the worries over Brexit in the UK, in the end some foreigners will channel their funds to Singapore as a safe haven. Just for wealth preservation, to park funds here.
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