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I won't be too concerned with what foreign buyers are or are not doing, given 2 reasons:

(i) Based on URA statistics, only 6% of buyers in Singapore' private property are non-Singaporean/PR . That means the Singapore private property market is virtually propped up by Singaporeans/PRs.

(ii) Also, from anecdotal evidence from my property agent friends, foreign buyers seem to target investments in high profile and traditionally expensive areas like Orchard, Bukit Timah, Marina Bay and are not looking to sell within 4-5 years but have a longer term horizon. I don't think these foreign buyer's considerations are the same as those looking for mass market properties in OCR/RCR areas, which is what this thread is concerned with.
One of my enter and exit plan comes from taking cues from these foreign investors as they have proven quite spot on in knowing when to enter/exit the property market in the last few cycles.
I’m not really concern about their take up rate in any sector.
Was wondering why they see now as price correction which I totally couldn’t feel it at all.

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