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Recently a loan shark bank in $500 into my account without my consent and demand $2500 back even though I have not taken a loan.

Wanted to transfer the $500 back but loan shark doesn't give me his bank account and wanted $2500 back zzz

And while getting his bank account (was busy at work), loan shark asked for my particulars which I gave stupidly (IC, Office number, etc etc) so yes, they are going to harrass my family.

What should I do? They don't want to take back their $500 and demand for such a big sum and threaten.

Have also made police report. Polix told me not to pay a single cent. But well, I didn't borrow any amount at all but after sending my particulars (he say he needed it to give me his bank account for me to transfer money) which I gave, now he have them all.

Am I screwed? Really stupid of me to fall into this scam instead of ignoring them from the start
It's a loan scam.

All the info you need are here. PM if clueless.

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