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I see... actually i didnt include a BTO n 2 ROF applications...

Feb 18 BTO Teck Whye Vista no number
May 18 SBF no number
Aug 18 ROF Q number 2x available flats
Nov 18 SBF Q number 1.6x available flats
Feb 19 ROF Q number 2x available flats
May 19 SBF.... hopefully number is within available flats.

Even with near parents priority, didnt work for us at all.
I think ultimately it depends on your luck. My fiance and I got really lucky as itís our first time applying, during Nov 18 SOB exercise with the near parent scheme. Managed to get a number within the supplied units. Hopefully your luck is better this time round! 😀🤞🏼 @terrorblade and you too!
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