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Hey guys. Unknowingly end of last year my father went through bad times and search for LML and unfortunately he found a few on carousell at 1st tot it was legit so went ahead to loan frm a few. He was scam a few times they even force loan transfer into his account. It hv came to worse so he told me everything. Paid the loanshark for him almost 13k in total n thank god in the end we cleared it. Just today afternoon police officer called my father and asked him to drop by police station next wk for investigation.. I call bk personally n ask on behalf of my father as he is a hokkien speaker so police office told me that my father account has been flagged in their file. May I check with anyone goes through this in the past before? Wld be great if some one out thr share more. Thank you... 🙏
His account is use for illegal money laundering. But since he is innocent, police will let him off as he is a victim.
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