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Bro thks for reading n sharing ur honest views with me. Appreciate. To be honest spf oso smlj lar sia real ah long dont want catch waste time to ask victim go bk investigate coz the victims seem more suspicious for xfer to other people account. suddenly after 6 months den came and check and rack things up.. They kept calling u back? Or? Able share more with me. U was also victim of 1 that loan a few and xfer out rite? Not runner rite? Suddenly yesterday police call him den my father ask me call the police bk I also stun. I keep ask him again n again countlessly if he loan or work wif for ah long he say never. Jurong police division HQ. Summore we stay in east ask if can put in east say cannot must go Jurong lols
Jurong division handle UML one. Just have to go.
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