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Thank you. I realized there's a few difference in my case with the rest of the people here.

1) I have not loan any amount or accepted any amount. It's a forced loan

2) I keep asking the ls for bank account but til date I have not received it.

3) Somehow the ls seem to reside in Singapore and not overseas like many. (Accent) but still, number is uncontactable

4) IO actually told me to lias and nego with ls to settle this privately for safety reasons. Well, I tried speaking last week and the amount only increases.

5) Realize that the ls have been stalking my online presence.
1 >> Forced loan happen to many people too, you are not the first.

2 >> Do you understand why they can't find you a bank account number to transfer to?

3 >> What accent is it?

4 >> Indicative of a scam, if you pay, you know what will happen? Pls read the last 20 pages of this thread and find out.

5 >> Close all social media for the moment, they will find all ways to blackmail you into paying. Do you intend to pay?
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