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Hey Justice,

Thank you for your reply.

2. Not sure why they cant find me the bank account. Just want to quickly transfer back the money.

3. Singapore Accent, the guy seem to live in Singapore. Don't have malaysia accent or the country accent.

4. Hmm but the Investigating Officer ask me to settle it privately if possible. But its impossible cos the loan shark are asking for huge amount

Is there a list of loanshark numbers that is shared so that we can block?

1 >> Forced loan happen to many people too, you are not the first.

2 >> Do you understand why they can't find you a bank account number to transfer to?

3 >> What accent is it?

4 >> Indicative of a scam, if you pay, you know what will happen? Pls read the last 20 pages of this thread and find out.

5 >> Close all social media for the moment, they will find all ways to blackmail you into paying. Do you intend to pay?
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