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That is bad. Usually they will allow you to continue to spend the money left in the wallet, just not able to top up. This is the first time I hear that they will close your wechat wallet.

Try to verify with your Singapore credit card first if you have not done so. I tend to believe that is enough for you to continue using the balance, but you may not be able to top up.

If that is not successful, I am not so sure how to transfer out if you do not have a China bank card. You may have to transfer to a friend who has proper bank card first and get money from your friend.

So far my main wechat account is still working. But I do have back up solution to transfer money out to my relative's proper Wechat pay account.
Phew after filling the info and such . the prompt go away . scary . my balance left abt 1k . will give it a try to make payment during my next china trip =D

our wechat money inside so little only . why they scare money laundering .
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