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This is my first time to drive to genting.
1. Where to park my car in genting?
2. Which hotel is most recommended?

Just want to find a cooling place for rest.
Weather is so hot now.
it's funny how time flies for me.
now i never think of driving up although i am very familiar with the place. these days i fly there.
but your keen interest to drive up quite fasinates me although i dont know why. but i too had my first time driving up to genting.

it was a toyota corolla 1.3.

with my then girlfriend now wife we drove up just for a look see. but we managed to take a high ride genting outdoor theme park. unlike our universal studios battlestar it was really exhilarating with the freezing cold wind blowing at your face. they dismantled it umpteen yrs ago. a fox century theme park is supposed to become a reality but it seems not to be leh.

i remember i parked just infront of theme park hotel. we didnt stay there. we came down before it turned dark. and this will be my advice - never drive when it has turned dark. i wouldnt say anything more. of course a gungho guy might think differently.

but having been there many more times after that.
i think you should park where you think you will be staying. firstly, easier for lugging and avoiding too much breathing the cold dry air. think abt partner or children if any.

if you think you will only spend little time in room then first world htl is sufficient and the cheapest. for me now no crockford no stay. enjoying the finest now. time is short.

this short post is something you can understand if u just think a little bit.
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