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Shelter Dogs for long term fostering

looking for fostering home for my 2 rescued dogs, xin xin and twinkle both about 8-9years old. i will pay for all their medical fee and transportation for vet visit. if need i can bring them to vet as well.

just looking for a home environment for them to enjoy in their old age. if need i can pay their meal as well but will appreciate if you can cover their meals as i have 6 more dogs in shelter which i paying for their medical.



twinkle about 22kg, xinxin about 25kg.

twinkle more independent, loves food and walk. friendly to human, kids and other dogs. loves swimming, curious and a little timid to stranger but will be fine with them after a short while

xinxin likes human companionship, friendly to kids and other dogs. super love walking and love to eat and play.

no offense, prefer private property owner. due to the fact if any complain frm hdb neighbors, they will need to return to shelter which will very traumatise for them. yes, we have dogs returned to shelter from home, they are very sad and depressed.

dog licensing, owner name and fee can come under me but dog residential address will be your home.

interested, please text me at 9seven9four5two9one. thanks.

please help to share with your friends.


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