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KL by a long shot.
Many bus companies go to KL with many trips daily.
Rest in bus company lounge or some some hotel lounge.
If you need to lay down get a day stay in a cheap hotel, not withstanding that KL hotel is cheap anyway.

No easy way to get from SG to GH.
It is O.K for the young strong people to take the overnight bus to GH.
Leave late at night and get there in the dead of the early morning.
No place to rest GH and they don't give you your room till late morning.
Remember if you are tired already if you get on the bus late at night you will be more tired when you get off the bus.

Never understand why people would go through this suffering with the overnight bus. No way to start a holiday.
Maybe they want to save leave. Alternative is pay for 1 more night hotel at Genting so that can check in straight away on arrival. Or travel on Transtar Super-z which is more comfortable and sleep through the journey (not solitaire to avoid changing of bus).
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