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Bro normally for SG - Genting its ard 6hr travel time if you drive..Normally last time i will drive during the night..not that much traffic so u can speed abit approx 140-180km/hr should be okie..

Melaka is like half way can choose to stay for a nite there but not much activity if you are there during weekday

KL hmm my view no point of staying there as just need to push abit more u will reach Genting already so no point waste the $$
NSHW is very dark at night. Some area do not have lighting.
I am thinking to depart from 6am then drive all the way to genting.
I did drive 6 hours in Melbourne before. Not sure I can drive that long in such a hot weather.

Melaka always jam. Most of the time wasted in traffic jam.
I think seremban more boring compare to Melaka.
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