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Yes you can do that.
But booking cheapest extra night must be through the bus company or travel agent. Not through Genting membership as they want you to check in by 7pm at the latest. Otherwise they will treat you as a 'no show' and you will not any anymore membership offer from them.
Overnight bus ride is 'no walk in the park'.
Btw - If it's a complimentary room , they won't cancel yr room even if u check in late -as it's classified as "guaranteed" category - just like those from bus agent. If u dun turn up for the comp rooms booked then be prepared to be blacklisted of course.

Those rooms that u hv to check in by 6pm - are those that u book via phone & Non-Guaranteed- u actually hv not paid anything yet (unless u opt to pay upfront using GP). They r just holding the room for u till 6pm & once u chk in u need to pay at the counter.

Via online booking for Non-Comp room - those are guaranteed rooms as well since u hv to pay upfront using either credit card or GP's.

All said - it's always good to play safe and email/ phone to inform that u wud like to hv a late check in - Especially if u want them to block or reserve the room with those specific special requests u hv indicated at point of booking. Hope it helps!

** Notwithstanding their rules changes fr time to time **
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